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Real estate professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes to assist their clients in selling their property. The estate agent invests time, resources, and huge effort goes into marketing, research, home inspections, negotiating offers, and numerous other activities to secure a sale. We understand the efforts that go into selling a property and the difficulties that estate agents professions deal with.

For the hard work, a successful sale earns the estate agent a percentage of the sale price from the seller. The commission is normally due upon registration of the property. The estate agent/agency may need to wait for weeks and sometimes months before they see their money. Meanwhile business and life need to continue.

Taurus has a solution for both Estate Agents and Agencies who require a portion of their due commission upfront. Taurus can bridge up to 80% of commission due on residential or commercial property sales. The easy process allows estate agent professionals to unlock well-deserved funds easily and fast.

The Estate Agent Commission Advance is a product of Taurus Capital, a specialist funder to the South African legal fraternity.


•  An estate agent successfully sells a property and contacts Taurus for commission advance.

•  Taurus will make contact with the estate agent professional to answer any questions and provide a quote.

•  Taurus will contact the conveyancer to ensure the purchase price is secured by the buyer and the transfer documents have been signed.

•  Payment will be made to the agent/agency within 24 hours of completed documentation.

•  With Taurus Property Bridging you are not required to make regular payments. Once the property has been registered your attorney will settle the final balance.

•  Upon registration, the conveyancer will settle Taurus their portion plus the accrued weekly charges. The estate agent will receive the remaining commission due to them from the conveyancer directly.




Easy application

The application is simple and quick. There is no credit check and no hoops to jump through to get your funds early.


Fast pay-out

We are committed to paying out with 24 Hours once all documentation has been received.



There are no hidden costs or complicated interest calculations. There is a flat weekly fee, and that’s it!


Flexible and understanding

There is no minimum amount you need to take and you can take further funds at a later stage if need be. Taurus understand the needs of the estate agent professionals and are committed to finding a solution that will suit your needs.



A product of Taurus Capital, leading funder to the legal industry.


  • Process Step 01

    To apply for a Taurus commission advance we will need to have:

      The estate agent to have successfully sold a property and have commission due to them.
      The full purchase price secured.
      Transfer documents signed by both the seller and the buyer.

  • Process Step 02

    Apply on any of our channels:

  • Process Step 03

    A dedicated consultant will explain the process and send you payment options including how much you can receive as well as the weekly charge.

  • Process Step 04

    We will contact the conveyancer to collect the necessary documents and approve the transaction

  • Process Step 05

    Send us your documents

      Copy of your ID
      Proof of residential address
      Proof of banking / bank document

  • Process Step 06

    Documents sent for you/agency and the conveyancer to sign.

  • Process Step 07

    You will receive payment on  the same day of finalised paperwork.

  • Process Step 08

    The conveyancer will settle the outstanding advance once the property has been registered.


Apply now and one of our dedicated consultants will get in touch:

Phone: +27 (0) 10 538 0200

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Bridging finance is short term advance that helps release money locked up in a property transaction. The repayment is made in full when the property transaction concludes.

The registration process to transfer a property typically takes 60 to 90 days from when the sale agreement is signed until the sale is registered. Unfortunately, the estate agent professional only receives their money at the end of the process.

Taurus property bridging provides an upfront cash advance for estate agents/agencies to access a portion of their due commission immediately without having to wait.

Taurus Capital can advance up to 80% of the net commission due. No advance is too large or too small.

The charge will depend on how much money you choose to take upfront as well as the duration to transfer.

Upon contacting Taurus, you will be assigned a consultant who will explain the process in more detail as well as provide a free detailed no-obligation quotation.

A Taurus commission advance is not a loan. This provides several advantages:

• Improved cash flow - Unlike a loan, you do not have the burden or risk of making monthly instalments. A Taurus commission advance relates to a one-off property transaction so is settled in full on registration.

• Transparent charge- The Taurus charge is fixed in advance meaning that you won’t pay interest on interest (compound interest) as you will with a loan provider.

• Commission backed - The application criteria is based on your commission due, not you. Therefore, blacklisted clients are welcome to apply.

We understand that time is of the essence. We pay on the same day as the signing of documents.


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