How long does it take to get road accident fund RAF payouts?


The Road Accident Fund provides personal injury and death compensation (where applicable) to those injured in motor vehicle accidents.

However, the wheels of justice move slowly at the Road Accident Fund and personal injury claim payouts can take a long time to materialise.

But there is a solution to speed up your RAF claim payout and fast-track the process of justice.

The Road Accident Fund Payout Waiting Game

Road Accident Fund claims payouts are notoriously slow. An enormous backlog in matters, administrative red-tape and massive financial pressures on the fund all contribute to these frustrating delays.

First, the process of lodging and defending an RAF claim is time-consuming. Whether you pursue a claim independently or use the services of a personal injury attorney, it will take time to compile evidence and gather all the supporting documents such as medical records and police reports.

Once this process is complete, a claim is officially submitted. This is known as the RAF1 application, following which the RAF has 2 months in which to conduct its own investigation.

But the reality is that the fund seldom adheres to the allotted timeframe and delays in this regard can be expected.

Next your attorney is entitled to issue a summons and continue with the matter in court.  But there are many injured litigants looking to access the court system and so it can take time to secure a trial date. Also, scheduling testimony from busy medical experts can all result in lengthy delays.

Once in court, a judge will make a final ruling as to the validity of your claim and the amount of compensation you’re due. However, a settlement is often reached prior to the court case commencing.

At this point, the RAF loads the ruling onto its system – a process that again can add a considerable delay. In fact, the time from concluding at court until you receive funds in your account is often 6 to 12 months!

Speed up the RAF Payout

RAFPay offers you a solution.

RAFPay is not a loan.

It is a “purchase and cession” transaction whereby the amount owing to the client is purchased and paid by RAFPay at a fair and equitable price. What this means is that once you have a stamped court order or settlement agreement, we can step in to pay you a majority of what the RAF owes you upfront, or over a number of months, based on your personal cashflow requirements.

RAFPay is a real alternative for all claimants – whether you are looking to use the funds to start a business, pay for medical expenses, pay off debt or just have some financial relief after years of struggle.

If you have a signed court order and could benefit from ending the delay, contact RAFPay on +27 (0) 66-070-6380 (WhatsApps and ‘Please call me’s are welcome). You can also email us at

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