How long does RAF take to pay?


There is no doubt that a Road Accident Fund (RAF) payout can make a dramatic difference to the lives of those injured by road accidents, and their families.

But the RAF continues to face administrative and financial challenges which puts a burden on the system and slows the process down of receiving funds. From our experience, we know that the process of claiming from the fund can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming process.

The question on all claimants’ lips is ‘How long does the Road Accident Fund take to pay?’

Delays in the RAF Claims Process

Delays in the settlement of claims are caused by the RAF’s fault-based system whereby it is necessary to calculate and assess the percentage of each driver’s responsibility for an accident before the court can determine compensation to award a claimant. This makes processing claims a lengthy procedure.

The outcome is injured claimants having to wait months and even years for the examination of their claims to be completed.

But even once you have had your day at court and won, or received a settlement letter, there is still another 6 to 12 months of waiting until you actually see any money. This can be even longer for larger claims which the Road Accident Fund moves to the bottom of the priority list.

This catches many claimants off-guard and can be extremely difficult to bear considering that in many cases no income has been earned for many months or years. This leaves them wondering: “how long does RAF take to pay?”

Need for Immediate Cash

If you’re waiting for cash from the Road Accident Fund, you were seriously injured in a road accident or you’ve grieved the heartbreak of losing a close family member.

In either case, you may be suffering financial difficulties.

If you were injured, then you’ll appreciate how medical bills can add up fast. You might need to pay for extra care or assistance at home and you might be unable to work. If you’ve lost someone in your family, you might have lost the income this person provided as the breadwinner. Or you might have taken out cash loans during your RAF trial period which now need to be settled.

This makes it hard to endure the long delays in RAF claim pay-outs. It is unfair that even once your claim against the RAF has been finalized, you still have to face a cash flow crisis for months on end.

What if RAF take longer to pay?

Yet the trend continues to worsen. Each year the Road Accident Fund falls further behind on its payments, resulting in longer and longer delays in receiving cash payouts.

Get Certainty & End the Delay

There is a solution to this problem. RAFPay provides an immediate cash relief and certainty of cash flow against your RAF court order or settlement agreement.

RAFPay is not a loan and so there is no risk or worry of having interest grow while you wait for RAF pay-out. We guarantee your payments today and take all the risk away.

If you want to learn more about how we have helped many RAF clients like yourself end the delay and get financial certainty, contact RAFPay on +27 (0) 66-070-6380 (WhatsApps and ‘Please call me’s are welcome). You can also email us at

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