RAFpay 101 – Current status of the RAF and how this impacts you as a claimant


Anyone expecting a Road Accident Fund (RAF) pay-out after receiving an approved court order, can wait up to one year before seeing any money. This is another excruciating delay after having typically waited between 2 to 5 years for their case to come to trial.

Payments are delayed due to inefficiencies and serious financial issues at the RAF, reported to have a massive R17 billion in unpaid claims.  In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused further trial and payout delays with the RAF being largely shut down since lockdown began in March this year.

How does this affect you as a claimant?

Under normal circumstances, the RAF would pay your claim into your attorney’s trust account within 180 days of the claim being processed on their system. But as a result of the above scenario, this delay has been extended to way beyond the average 180 days. This causes huge uncertainty for claimants who have already waited months and even years to receive much-needed capital due after a road accident.

What does this mean practically?

  • If your attorney does not receive funds from the RAF, you won’t receive funds from the RAF
  • As the RAF currently has an enormous – and growing – backlog of cases, the delays for pay-outs will become even longer
  • The cost of unpaid expenses i.e. medical bills / loans continue to grow as a result of an ongoing interest expense
  • Unemployment is unfortunately a symptom of the Covid-19 pandemic and more and more claimants require a cash buffer to survive these financially uncertain times

So what are your options?

Numerous loan providers will offer you a portion of your court order value in exchange for large administrative fees and high-interest rates. This has the result of limiting the amount of money you actually receive at the end of the day – a helpful solution in the short-term but not a wise decision in the long-term.

RAFPay however ensures that victims with valid RAF court orders receive up to 95% of their money within a day of their application being approved. The RAFPay pay-out is not a loan and so there is no interest payable. Instead, the court order is converted into an upfront cash payment with the attorney’s and RAFPay’s fees only being paid once the final RAF pay-out is received.

You will be supported by a dedicated consultant who will help you throughout the process, working with you and your attorney to make sure all decisions made are in your best interest. There are no interest rates or administration fees associated with a RAFPay pay-out, nor does it affect your credit record. The whole process can take hours.

Let RAFPay end the delay, and help bring closure and comfort after the trauma of your accident. Visit www.rafpay.co.za or call 066 070 6380. All you need is an approved court order and your attorney’s details

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